Where to Buy Stitching Supplies

I created Blue Octopus Stitchcraft because I wanted to solve a problem that so many of us face:

Stitching is really relaxing but sometimes the process of gathering all of the needed supplies is a hassle.

As fun as shopping for the right supply can be, it also takes a lot of preplanning and forethought. (Anyone else sometimes feel like even Yelping is too much work sometimes?)

DryGoods Design in Pioneer Square always inspires me. Photo and feature by CraftyPlanner.

DryGoods Design in Pioneer Square always inspires me. Photo and feature by CraftyPlanner.

Below is a list of some of my go-to spots for supplies. 

These categories are listed in order of my preference.

  1. Locally-owned craft supply stores.--I love being able to support small businesses in my community. By shopping there, I know I am helping to fund good jobs that have a positive influence on my local economy. For you Seattle-area folks, here is a small (and by no means exhaustive!) list of some of my favorite spots in the area:

    • Stitches on Capitol Hill--fabric, embroidery supplies, yarn, ribbons, etc., and classes; friendly staff
    • DryGoods Design in Pioneer Square--this place is like a candy store for stitchers. They have a smaller but gorgeously curated collection of fabrics and other supplies. 
    • Esther's Fabrics on Bainbridge--big selection, and I don't mind using Esther's as an excuse to take a relaxing scenic ferry ride across the sound.
    • Churchmouse Yarns & Teas on Bainbridge--a Mecca for knitters
  2. Small online businesses--If the small-scale shops nearby don't have what I need or want, my next stop is to seek out other indie online stores. Some of my faves:
  3. Big box stores--If I need something right away and can't get it though small businesses, my final option is to try JoAnn or Michaels. I ended up sourcing my bamboo hoops though Michaels. They have a huge, comprehensive collection and almost always have sales going, so it's worth trying to time your purchase with a discount.

Tell us below: what are your favorite go-to spots for stitching supplies?