We're in the Good Old Days

I wish somebody would have told me that
Some day, these will be the good old days...
Someday soon, your whole life’s gonna change
You’ll miss the magic of these good old days
— Macklemore and Kesha
Ferry ride.PNG

For most of my life, I've been looking forward, looking ahead.

As a student, I was always looking forward to the next level. I couldn't wait to go to preschool, then kindergarten, then 1st grade, then on and on all the way through grad school. Later it became looking forward to student teaching, then getting hired, then leveling up my practice. Buy a condo, have a baby, always focused the next thing.

For the first time I can remember, I've reached a stage in my life where what's happening now is enough. Actually, it's satisfying. We dwell in this incredible moment of our lives where there are a million choices and no goal more pressing than to create a life that is meaningful--filled with love and intimacy and surrounded in beauty--a life that maximizes joy and minimizes harm. This doesn't mean I'm not pursuing big goals. It means I can pursue them in the space I've allowed and dedicate the rest of my time as I prioritize.

I  know it's a privilege to be here. Staggering numbers of American families struggle just to survive. I've never been in the situation of having to debate whether to pay the rent or feed my child. My struggles have been very minor compared to many.

When I was a teacher, my job demanded nearly my whole self. I had very little energy left to pursue other projects of my own. I loved serving my students, but it felt near impossible to just enjoy the season when I was trying push through my exhaustion until the next school holiday. I am aware that there are huge obstacles that prevent people from being able to savor each moment. Some moments are too demanding, and we ought to give ourselves grace.

Few among us have all the time and resources they need to nurture each part of their bodies, minds, and souls, but that doesn't mean we can't adopt little habits or rituals that nourish us and bring joy to these good old days.

For me, creating--art, music, writing, clothing--has always been deeply nourishing. I believe that all of us are creative beings and have an inherent desire to create. I aimed to create a business that would help to diminish some of the biggest barriers that stop people who want to nurture their creative selves.

So, welcome! I hope you find inspiration and nourishment here.

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