How to Frame and Hang Your Piece in 10 Minutes

One of my least-favorite parts of cross stitching used to be figuring out what to do with my work once I was done. The shift between the meditative, peaceful process of stitching and the "now what?" part was jarring. I felt like my momentum was slowed to a halt. It's enough the turn me into an Olympic-level procrastinator. Can anyone relate?

Fortunately, now that I frame most of my pieces in the hoops I used to stitch them, the process has become much faster. I like this method and the finished result so much that all of my kits come with an appropriately-sized hoop.

Here's a video showing a sped-up view of the entire process:

Here are the steps:

  1. Double check to make sure your design is centered in the hoop. 
  2. Cut off the edges to round the Aida, leaving a 1-2" border.
  3. Use a running stitch (like a dotted line) to make a border close to the perimeter. I use a few strands of strong thread.
  4. Remove the outer hoop.
  5. Cinch the thread to close the circle and secure with a knot.
    If you're giving the hoop as a gift, this is a good time to stitch or glue a round piece of felt onto the back to cover it. Totally optional.
  6. Replace the outer hoop and hang your work somewhere where you'll get to enjoy it.

What parts of cross stitching slow you down or otherwise keep you from making as much as you want? Share below in the comments.