What I'm Making this April

As much as I've enjoyed sharing my favorite DIY projects with you in January, February, and March, I decided it was time to get a little more personal.

We've owned our condo for 4 years now. We originally thought it would be a starter home, but we've fallen in love with our lives here. The location is unbeatable, and we truly have all the space we need, at least for now. Since we decided to commit for the long(er) haul and don't need to keep our place resale beige anymore, we've gone wild with personalization projects. I've shared a few on Instagram, like the chalkboard wall in the kitchen or my graphic color-blocked office walls.

The bigger the impact:effort ratio of the project, the better. (Don't think I've forgotten you, popcorn ceilings. Your time is coming...just not now.) Which is why we decided we would liven up our white folding laundry closet doors. They are the first thing we or guests see when they enter our unit, so they made a great candidate for a bold statement.

Because what matters most in design is not doing it "right," but creating a space that feels like home to those who spend their time there. 

Here are our results, as well as our next project plan:

What projects have you been working on or wanting to work on lately? Share in the comments below.