Top 5 DIY Projects to Create in February

One of my favorite ways to get inspired is to see what other people are creating, so I've been scouring Pinterest for my favorite DIY ideas to share them with you. These are all projects that I'm either working on right now or wish I were working on.

1. DIY VEGGIE stamps

passion for paper & print

Just look at that radicchio! Once upon a time (about 8 years ago), Aaron and I bought the most GORGEOUS peony stamp to make our own wedding invitations. As I recall, it was a splurge at $50. How much radicchio could we have bought for $50?!? And look, the stamp doesn't even require much of the edible part!

Blue has been hinting that she'd benefit from some structured activities occasionally, and making some lovely veggie-stamped art could be a perfect thing.

2. Handprint heart

Structured Play

Speaking of the Blue Baby, here's another kid-friendly idea that might make it's way to grandparents' mailboxes for Valentine's Day if we get our act together in time. (Mom, Dad, are you reading this? Act surprised, okay?) The odds are greatly increased by the use of simple materials.

3. Heart Sampler

cross stitch pattern

Blue Octopus Stitchcraft

Valentine's/Galentine's would not be complete without lots of hearts showing your besties some love. I promise this isn't one of those "gotchya" articles where I'm pretending to give you free ideas except one of them is something to buy from me. This is free! All my insiders already got their copy. Also, if you want to stitch but don't know how you should CLICK HERE to check out my heart sampler tutorial videos.

4. Heart tote bag

Clumsy Crafter

This pin was in an article called "23 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts That Require No Special Skills Whatsoever" a concept that made me laugh. I guess this one is pretty simple. I like to keep things approachable. This one actually sounds slightly intimidating to me because I haven't built up a stash of craft paint yet, but I probably should since so many of my favorite easy ideas require it. (In case you hadn't noticed, a big part of the appeal of a kit product service for me is that makers can start making without having to wait to gather all of the supplies, bit by bit.)

5. Crocheted Valentines-ish hats

Kelsey Daughtry/Ravelry

These hats are crocheted, but look like they're knitted, which makes them perfect for crocheters or knitters who can infer a pattern. I like that they're Valentinesy but not so much they're only good for one day of the year (or week or month, depending on how festive you are ;). Alternatively, you could easily swap in your favorite colors.


What have you been making lately--or wanting to make? Please comment below to share.  And if you decide to tackle any of these projects, please take lots of pictures! I'd love to feature you in a future post.